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We know how important music and sound is at a wedding. There is nothing worse than your guests struggling to hear the celebrant, the readings and the all-important joke punchlines. Many venues do not have adequate sound systems. Centred around our ethos of reliability and professionalism from start-to-finish, we can provide excellent sound reinforcement to ensure every word is heard in absolute clarity. We take the stress out of sound at your wedding and relax, safe in the knowledge that it is being handled by a professional team working to your every requirement.

We have invested heavily in the best PA and sound equipment. Our stock includes multiple powerful PA systems, wired and wireless microphones, digital mixers, parametric EQs and multicore, all manned by staff who ensure the smoothest setup, soundcheck and operation.  


We can provide sound reinforcement for your ceremony (including microphones), drinks receptions (including music playback), and wedding breakfast.

Case study: Emma & Liz's wedding

Low House, Cumbria

Emma and Liz booked us to provide PA, backline (instruments), perform the ceilidh, and do an extended DJ set for their wedding in September 2019.

Low House is a beautiful venue, with an excellent outdoor space for ceremonies. We provided sound for the outdoor ceremony and speeches within the marquee. Here's a rundown of what we provided, and how the day ran:

11 am: arrival; PA is setup


Emma & Liz wanted the speakers to be as subtle as possible so as not to disturb the beautiful surroundings of Low House, so we were able to hide the left FOH speaker behind this tree. It did not affect coverage at all though; these speakers are 2kW and able to project into this outdoor space perfectly


This is a picture of the FOH (front-of-house) left main speaker, and the digital mixer and parametric EQ. A parametric EQ is basically a device that cuts out any nasty feedback noise (those loud, high-pitched squeaks you sometimes hear through speakers). We were able to be discretely placed away from guests as we had a 30m multicore. A multicore is a cable which means that only one cable runs from the mixer to the stage area; a very neat solution which allows for the music equipment to be installed neatly and with minimal messy cabling.


2 pm: start of the ceremony

The ceremony had a keyboardist, violinist, and two singers. We provided a Yamaha keyboard, and two Shure Beta58 microphones for the singers, with K&M stands for ultimate stability. For the violinist, we used a DPA 4060 microphone. All of this created a clear, warm sound, which (we think!) was very enjoyable for Emma, Liz and their guests. 


4.30 pm: speeches

We had another PA system setup within the marquee. For the speeches, we provided a Shure GLX-D wireless microphone and receiver. Emma also wanted to play her guitar during the speech, so we provided a Radial J48 DI-box for this purpose. After the speeches, we put on background music at a low level for during the meal.


7.30 pm: start of ceilidh

Emma and Liz had booked our 4-piece ceilidh band to perform a 2-hour ceilidh set - amazing dancing and crowd all night!


10 pm - 1 am: DJ and playlist

We DJ'd between 10pm - midnight, and then Emma & Liz had a brilliant playlist to see their guests through to the wee small hours.

We hope that this gives you a good idea of what we can bring to your day, and how we can provide the most excellent sound reinforcement, ceilidh and DJ experience at your wedding.

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