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We don't just do ceilidh...

Over our 13 years together, we've had the privilege of performing at some amazing weddings, parties, and corporate events. During these years of us performing together, we've also been asked to provide some other non-ceilidh-related services. Over the coming weeks, I'm going to highlight these services that we are able to provide to give you guys an insight into how we can be of maximum service at your big day! First up: PA hire!

Wedding ceilidh band being entertained by It's No' Reel Ceilidh Band

PA hire is something which can sometimes be overlooked by clients, but can almost be as important as the music - you don't want guests to be struggling to hear the celebrant, reader, the all-important speeches, or miss out on background tunes during the meal or drinks reception.

Many venues (especially marquees, barns, and other non-hotel venues) don't have PA included as standard, so this is where we're able to step-in! We can come early and provide professional, manned sound for your wedding. We have available:

  • 2x professional PA rigs. You may want one rig for the ceremony, and another in the reception area - having two rigs available means that your guests can move from ceremony to reception with a seamless transition and no let-up of music and ambience.

  • Microphones for the speeches and ceremony (including wireless, if required)

  • 30m of loom - this may seem a bit technical, but this means that we can run the sound without having to be anywhere near the front of the room / near the ceremony, so we can be really discrete

  • Hook-in for your music device (iPad/iPod/laptop or similar)

  • With any PA hire, myself or a member of the band will be on-hand to ensure that the system runs smoothly and there are

All our gear is professional and well-maintained, and we carry spares of practically everything for any eventuality.

Marquee wedding, with it's No' Reel Ceilidh Band performing

Here's a wee example of what a client has used our PA services for:

12noon: I arrive and set up 2 PA systems; one in the ceremony space, and the other in the reception space

2pm: Ceremony begins, with me on-hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the sound. The ceremony includes a celebrant, singer, keyboardist, and two readers - all of which have been catered for with microphones.

3pm: Ceremony ends and everyone moves to the reception space, where the client has provided background music on their device

5pm: The all-important speeches - I'm on-hand to monitor the levels to make sure not a word is missed.

7pm: Band arrive and setup, using PA already in-situ.

8pm: Ceilidh begins!

We're generally very flexible with this and can provide bespoke wedding music and PA services for you, but this is a good idea of what we can provide!

If you're interested in this, give me a shout using our Contact page and I'll see what I can do for you!


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