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We can provide the perfect music before the ceilidh for your wedding.

Music serves as the delicate thread weaving moments of anticipation, joy, and celebration together. Our daytime music services are crafted to add a touch of elegance to every part of your wedding day.

Combinations of musicians we offer:

Fiddle and Piano Duo: Blending the fiddle's soulful tunes with the piano's classic touch, our duo can set a serene ambience or bring a lively rhythm to the occasion. Whether it's the anticipation-filled air as guests are seated or the celebratory mood at the reception, this dynamic duo complements every setting.

Solo Piano: For those who desire the timeless elegance of piano melodies, our solo piano performance fills the air with sophistication. Let each note tell a story as it reverberates through the venue, captivating the hearts of your guests.

When we often perform

Ceremonial Elegance: As guests arrive and settle, the gentle tunes create an atmosphere of expectancy. For the ceremony, we normally perform:

  • Prelude (15-20 minutes) as guests are seated

  • Bridal Party's entrance (your choice of music)

  • Musical interlude during the signing of the register (your choice of music)

  • Exit of the bridal party (your choice of music)

Reception & Dinner Serenades: Post the ceremony, our music can continue to paint the backdrop for your celebrations. With 45-minute sets tailored for the reception or as a dinner accompaniment, our musical renditions set the right tone, allowing guests to indulge in conversations, laughter, and memories while being serenaded by our music.

Whether it's the intimate setting of a ceremony or the bustling energy of a reception, our daytime music services are designed to cater to your specific needs. Immerse your special day in melodies that linger, creating moments that echo with warmth and joy.

Contact us and let's tailor a musical experience that becomes an integral part of your wedding memories.

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