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Sound and music are essential at a wedding. It's frustrating for guests to miss the celebrant's words, readings, or that inside joke. Unfortunately, many venues come up short in the sound department. Our focus is on reliability and professionalism. We provide top-tier sound reinforcement to ensure every word comes through clearly. With us managing your wedding's audio, you can be confident that it's in the hands of professionals, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day.


Daytime PA Hire / Sound Reinforcement

Our premium sound equipment isn't just for the dance floor. Enhance every memorable moment of your day with our professional, scalable PA systems.

Wedding Ceremonies

Every vow, every note, every spoken word deserves to be heard. Our PA systems ensure that your guests won't miss a single moment of your special ceremony.

Wedding Receptions

As you greet your guests, we've got the sound covered. Perfect for both intimate settings and larger receptions, our PA equipment ensures consistent audio quality throughout your reception area.

During the Meal

Background music, special announcements, or perhaps a surprise performance? Whatever your needs, we make sure the sound complements your dining experience without overwhelming conversations.

Microphones for Speeches & Celebrants

Nervous about your big speech? Let us handle the technical side. With our microphones, voices will carry crystal clear.

Why Choose Our PA Services?

  1. Professional Quality: We use industry-standard, modern equipment to ensure top-notch sound quality.

  2. We're highly experienced: We've been running sound at weddings as long as we've been ceilidh-ing, so we can ensure smooth transitions and minimal interruptions.

  3. Customisable: We adapt our services to fit your venue and specific requirements, ensuring optimal sound throughout.

  4. Cost-Effective: By bundling our ceilidh performance and PA hire, you're assured of a competitive rate without compromising quality.

  5. Peace of Mind: Many venues lack in-built PA systems. Don't let your special moments go unheard. With It's No' Reel Ceilidh Band, your sound is in expert hands.

Case study I
Mr & Mrs Strachan's Wedding

The Event: Mr. & Mrs. Strachan's Wedding Celebration
Venue: Longbourn Barn, Warwickshire

The Challenge:

The picturesque Longbourn Barn, set in the heart of Warwickshire, is renowned for its versatile spaces. Mr. & Mrs. Strachan desired a harmonious sound experience that seamlessly transitioned between the venue's main stage, indoor reception area, and scenic outdoor reception space. Beyond this, they wanted their personal music collection to resonate throughout these spaces, creating an ambiance that was truly their own. As the evening would progress, there was also the need for clear, uninterrupted speeches, culminating in a lively ceilidh session.

Our Solution:

  1. Multi-location PA Setup: We installed state-of-the-art PA systems in three key locations - the main stage, indoor reception, and the outdoor reception area. This ensured that regardless of where guests were, they'd be immersed in the Strachan's chosen music.

  2. Synchronized Sound: By integrating the client's music, we created a unified auditory experience across all areas. This means a guest could walk from the outdoor reception to the indoor area and experience a continuous flow of music, without missing a beat.

  3. Speeches with Clarity: When it was time for the speeches, we provided a wireless microphone, ensuring that every word, every anecdote, and every toast was clearly heard, making the moments even more memorable.

  4. The Evening's Highlight - Ceilidh!: As the sun set and the evening took over, our 4-piece band took the stage. The barn was alive with foot-tapping rhythms, laughter, and dance, making it an unforgettable night for the newlyweds and their guests.

The Outcome:

The Strachan wedding was not just an event; it was an experience, an auditory journey that flowed seamlessly from daytime elegance to nighttime revelry. We really enjoyed playing a role in creating the atmosphere, ensuring the sound complemented every special moment.

Case study II
Molly & Shivun's Wedding

The Event: Molly & Shivun's Wedding
Venue: Winton Castle

The Challenge:

Winton Castle, with its majestic architecture and expansive lawns, was the ideal location for Molly & Shivun's unique blend of cultural celebrations. Combining the rituals of a traditional Indian ceremony with the festive charm of a Scottish ceilidh required sound precision, adaptability, and attention to detail. The requirements ranged from hands-free celebrant microphones to sound reinforcement for both intimate and grand settings.

Our Solution:

  1. Hands-free Celebrant Microphones: Honouring the traditions of an Indian wedding, where a celebrant often engages in rituals requiring both hands, we provided a wireless, hands-free microphone. This ensured every sacred chant and commitment was clearly audible, amplifying the spiritual resonance of the ceremony.

  2. A Symphony on the Lawn: On the sunlit lawns of Winton Castle, we set up our outdoor PA system. Molly & Shivun's choice of music wafted through the air, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness as guests mingled and enjoyed the idyllic surroundings.

  3. Elegance During Meals: Inside the grandeur of the castle, our PA system worked harmoniously with the acoustics, enveloping guests in gentle background melodies as they dined, creating an ambience fit for royalty.

  4. Emotion-filled Speeches: Using our trusted wireless microphone, every speech, toast, and shared memory rang clear and true, allowing guests to revel in the nostalgia and warmth of shared moments.

  5. A Night to Remember: As day turned to night, our 5-piece ceilidh band took center stage, quickly followed by an electric disco session. The castle echoed with vibrant tunes, laughter, and the rhythmic beats of dancing feet.

The Outcome:

A seamless blend of two cultures was celebrated in the regal setting of Winton Castle, and we were proud to facilitate this union not just of hearts, but of traditions. From sunlit lawns to grand banquet halls, every sound was curated with care, passion, and expertise.

Case study III
Emma & Liz's Wedding

The Event: Emma & Liz's Enchanting Union
Venue: Low House, Cumbria

The Challenge:

Low House, Cumbria - a serene, picture-perfect setting, with its lush outdoors and a grand marquee, was the canvas for Emma & Liz's special day. The couple sought a sound solution that would seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic appeal of the venue, delivering a warm, captivating auditory experience without disturbing the visual harmony.

Our Symphony of Solutions:

  • 11 am: Seamless Setup

    • Ensuring minimal visual disruption, our team cleverly hid the FOH (front-of-house) left speaker behind a tree, preserving the site's natural beauty. And yet, our powerful 2kW speakers guaranteed impeccable sound coverage throughout the vast outdoors. For a clean, clutter-free setting, our 30m multicore allowed us to reduce messy cabling and be discreetly positioned away from the guests. Our advanced parametric EQ eliminated unwanted feedback noises, ensuring flawless audio delivery.

  • 2 pm: Ceremony Begins

    • With a keyboardist, violinist, and two talented singers serenading the couple, we provided top-tier equipment to enhance the live performance. A Yamaha keyboard paired with two Shure Beta58 microphones and K&M stands laid the foundation for a clear sound. Our DPA 4060 microphone for the violinist ensured that every note reached the audience with pristine clarity, adding to the wedding's emotional resonance.

  • 4.30 pm: Speeches in the Marquee

    • Within the marquee, our separate PA setup took center stage. For heartfelt speeches, a Shure GLX-D wireless microphone and receiver were provided. As Emma played her guitar, a Radial J48 DI-box ensured perfect sound integration. Post speeches, the guests dined to ambient background music, setting a relaxed tone.

  • 7.30 pm: Ceilidh Revelry

    • As dusk set in, our 4-piece ceilidh band enthralled the guests, filling the venue with vibrant tunes, laughter, and joyful dancing.

  • 10 pm - 1 am: Dance the Night Away

    • The party continued with our DJ set, interspersed with Emma & Liz's carefully curated playlist, ensuring that the dance floor remained alive and buzzing.

The Outcome:

Emma & Liz's wedding at Low House was a testament to the perfect marriage between sound engineering, musical prowess, and aesthetic sensibilities. We were honoured to be a part of their celebration, providing sound and music services that resonated with their vision and elevated the day's experience.

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