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Ten Amazing English Ceilidh Venues

Although we're based in Scotland, we spend a fair majority of our time playing ceilidhs throughout the whole of the UK. In 2020, we're looking forward to being at some fantastic venues south of the wall; here's a wee look at ten of the non-Scottish venues we'll be bring our ceilidhs to this year!

The Tithe Barn, Yorkshire

We're visiting this stunning ceilidh venue twice in 2020 for two weddings: in May for Amy & Jonathan, and in September for Ellie & Matthew's wedding. This is a new venue for us, and we're really looking forward to experiencing its beautiful setting, amazing in-house sound system (always a bonus!) and rustic style. What a joy to be ceilidh-ing there twice in one year!

This is another new venue for us, and we're excited to be here for Ankur & Grant's wedding ceilidh in March. We're doing the ceilidh and DJ sets for the night (complete with Bollywood DJ set!) so it should be a really fun celebration.

Clevedon Hall, SOMERSET

This luxury venue near Bristol is where Niall & Paul are getting married in May. It's a beautiful space for a wedding. Less than half of the guests have ever been to a ceilidh before, which is always a really great night for us as we love calling ceilidh dances to ceilidh newbies - it's a great way to break the ice and get everyone on the dance floor and chatting together (you can see how we call the dances here)

Slightly further north than the first three venues we've looked at, this Lancastrian venue is the home to Charlotte & Frazer's wedding, which is also in May this year. This venue has got it all - it looks absolutely stunning and has a fantastic dancing space for a brilliant ceilidh - we're looking forward to it!

Another beautiful-looking barn-style wedding venue - we're here in May for Eric & Amanda's wedding. Their crowd are a fabulous mix of Scots, English, and Americans (only around a 3rd having done a ceilidh before!) so this should be really fun to bring our ceilidh experience to these folks.

Thorpe Garden, Staffordshire

Now this is a unique venue - a hand-crafted wooden yurt! What an amazing space for a ceilidh! At this wedding, we're doing a good split between ceilidh and DJ - often more shorter ceilidh sets make the ceilidh more exciting and energetic, which can be a good thing, especially if many of the crowd haven't done a ceilidh dance before.

We're playing here for David & Hannah's wedding - David actually went to the RNCM with me, so it's really great to be asked to play at their big day. This is a lovely venue for a wedding, just to the south of Manchester and close to rural Cheshire. Always great to ceilidh for friends of the band, too!

New House Farm, the Lake District

This is a luxury house in the Lake District. We're playing here for Carla & Phil's wedding - it's in a simply beautiful location in The Lake District, Close to Cockermouth. Most of this crowd haven't ceilidh'd before, so, as always, we can't wait to bring our ceilidh experience to these wedding guests - hope they bring their dancing shoes!

Folly Farm, BRISTOL

We're down here for Lucy & Justin's wedding in August. These guys are based in Australia, but Justin is originally from Islay, so they are of course keen to ensure all their guests celebrate their wedding in true Scottish style! This is a really unique venue, also new to us, and we can't wait to ceilidh here for Lucy & Justin and their crowd of Australians and Scots!

We're down at this Essex venue for Jemima & Alex's wedding in September. Again, this is another group of wedding guests where a large percentage of them haven't done a ceilidh before - it's gonna be a good one!


So, there are ten non-Scottish ceilidh venues that we're playing at in 2020 - if you didn't know that we played across the UK before, you sure do now! As always, we're thrilled to be playing such big parts in these lovely folks' weddings, especially where we are calling to guests who have never ceilidh'd before - it makes our ceilidh a really special and unique icebreaker for the guests.

Are you planning a wedding and looking for the perfect Scottish ceilidh band to wow your guests, hurl them onto the dance floor, and give them a ceilidh to remember? Give me a message here and we can discuss the perfect ceilidh entertainment for your wedding :)


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