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Our 2019!

As we reach the end of another fantastic year, we always like to have a wee look back at some of the exceptionally fun and brilliant ceilidhs we've played at!

2019 saw us playing across the whole UK. We played at some incredible weddings, parties, and corporate events. Every year, we do a little showreel to give you a flavour of what our year has been like - it's absolutely impossible to cram such an amazing year into just a minute, but here's this year's showreel:

We're genuinely so chuffed to be asked to be part of so many people's big days. The majority of our work is for weddings, and we absolutely love bringing the party to your most important day!

2020 is absolutely jam-packed already, but we do still have a few dates left - drop us a line and see if you're in luck! In the meantime, we're off to play at the Auchrannie Resort on Arran for the 3rd year in the row for Hogmanay - hope you all have an amazing new year, and all the best for 2020! INRx

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(some photos from 2019...)


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