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Our 7 April Ceilidhs!

We had a simply fantastic April with 7 ceilidhs across the whole UK! We had a marathon to do, going Coulter-Pitlochry-Leeds-Perthshire-London-Manchester-Fife all in one month!

We started off with Paul and Sheena's wedding at Cornhill Castle Hotel in Coulter. It's a really stunning venue, with a brilliant dancefloor and fantastic staff (and a helipad if you're feeling flush!).

Next we were off to Pitlochry Town Hall for Mr & Mrs Fennell's wedding. Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and an amazing crowd all added to what was a fantastically special wedding.

Next came a mad weekend for us travel-wise, starting off at Waterton Park Hotel near Leeds. It's an really beautiful venue, surrounded completely by a moat (which made the get-in and get-out all the more interesting!). Clare and Chris' crowd were an all-English bunch who'd never ceilidh'd before, but that didn't stop them having a really great time!

So, next came a big day on the road - Leeds to Comrie Croft in Perthshire on a Bank Holiday Monday! Thankfully the travel all worked well (and we always leave plenty of time spare anyway), so we were all set for Chloe & Jeff's big day at Comrie Croft. A better space for a good ceilidh you couldn't ask for! Chloe and Jeff had a really cool way of organising the night: we did a 90-minute ceilidh set, then they used our speakers for their own tunes for the middle section, then we came back and did a chilled-out acoustic set - worked really well!

From Perth - to LONDON, BABY! We were thrilled to be able to make the trip down to London's super-swish Shoreditch to play at Elly & Hugo's wedding. Hugo is a Scot, so he knew that an authentic Scottish ceilidh band was the best way to get his guests mingling. We loved how their guests flung themselves at the dancing, and made our trip really worthwhile!

The night After Elly and Hugo's London Bash, we headed north and played at Jemma & Katie's wedding - in a Manchester swimming pool! Thankfully Victoria Baths is well-drained and a really really great space for a ceilidh!

The final event of this marathon of gigs was a lovely 60th birthday for Peter out in Kingsbarns. His crowd were amazing, and we could really feel the love in the room for Peter as he was surrounded by his family and friends. We loved the hog roast and incredible selection of cakes too!

What a month! 1,811 miles on the road, 7 fantastic ceilidhs, 1 tired but very happy band!

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