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What band size is best?

Clients ask me this question all the time. Whilst there are so many different variables as to what size of band is best for each event, I'm going to try and unpick my thoughts to this question in this wee blog for y'all.

Now, of course, I think every band size is perfect in its own way. Every option comes with a fantastic caller (normally me!), DJ option, and a fiddle, drums, and keyboard at its core. This is our 3-piece band, and this is our most popular option. It's compact, has an authentic folkie sound, and is really a brilliant package for most small-to-medium sized weddings, parties and celebrations. Here's how it sounds:

So, the 3-piece is perfect for most events, has a lovely sound and really funky vibe!

The 4-piece band sees a big step-up in energy. having 2 fiddles really fills out the sound, makes more of an impact with guests, and adds a bit more punch to the whole groove of the band. You can’t beat 2 fiddles grooving on the tunes together! Generally, about 40% of our bookings per year at the 4-piece, so it's a very popular package.

The 4-piece band is perhaps our most versatile option - it's equally at home performing for 400 dancers at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom:

as it is for more conventional wedding events:

So you'll be able to hear a significant boost in energy with that extra fiddle in the 4-piece band when compared to the 3-piece. What's also fantastic is that the 4-piece takes up little more space than the 3-piece, so don't think that it can't fit into the same venues as the 3-piece!

Now the 5-piece band. Take the 4-piece's groove, dynamism and exciting sound, add to it either an acoustic guitar, or a bass guitar, and hey-presto, you have a fantastically full-bodied ceilidh band. Both these instruments add a new colour, drive the tunes, and again make an even bigger impact with guests.

So there you have it! Our three ceilidh band sizes. All come with a DJ set, caller, PA, all the gear! Any questions, drop me a line:


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