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Our first Blog!!!

Well, it's been a really long time coming, but after a decade of performing together, I reckoned it was time to get a wee ceilidh band blog going - so, welcome to It's No' Reel's first ever blog!

I'm gonna use this to share our experiences from all the fantastic events we perform at throughout the year. Can't promise anything on a weekly basis but just little insights, musings about gigs, tunes, dances, clients, wedding ideas, I'll share on this page.

Let's start with where we're at now: We turned ten years old. We launched a brand new website. We're well into the 2017 wedding season. Oh, and we're running 10% off for new enquiries til 28th February! Get on that people :)

It's No' Reel Scottish Ceilidh Band


Last week we had a really brilliant time at Mr Wright and Mrs Henry-Wright's wedding at the Oran Mor. It's a cracking venue, one that we've performed at a lot over the years. We really love the excellent space for dancing! (this picture was taken before we had done our setup)

I'm sure you all know this already, but we offer a comprehensive DJ package as standard as part of any booking! It's a brilliant way of giving guests a good mix of ceilidh and DJ, and we mix everything properly with an iPad and Numark interface - it went down really well at this wedding:

We're back at the Oran Mor again soon for more weddings, but in the meantime, congratulations Mr Henry and Mrs Henry-Wright - all the best for the future!


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